Maama Multi Purpose Autonomous Aerial Monitoring Aircraft

Students1: I. Azijli, M. Beekhuyzen, M. Birsanu, E.F. van den Boogaard, R.H.M. Giepman, T. Gillebaart, K.M. Khayrat, P.H.W. Salden, J.W. Wentink, Q. Zhu

Project tutor: L.M.M. Veldhuis

Coaches: dr. R. Ruiterkamp, A. Nagy MSc

MAAMA; the Multi-purpose Autonomous Aerial Monitoring Aircraft. In the past years there has been a significant interest in the design and operation of small UAVs as evidenced by the various conferences and scientific journal contributions dedicated to UAVs. However, most UAVs are dedicated to performing one specific task. A real challenge is at hand in designing an unmanned aircraft that is capable of performing a variety of missions ranging from hurricane research to traffic control to sea rescue assistance.

The paper of this project is available as a PDF-document here.

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