Innopedia Involvement Plan (IIP)


The CREating innovative Air transport Technologies for Europe (CREATE) project has the objective to stimulate the development and the capturing of know how and technologies which will enable step changes for sustainable Air Transport in the second half of the century. It will design and implement a process to collect and assess creative and innovative ideas for the future of air transport.
As part of this collecting activity a wiki type website “Innopedia” was designed and build.

Innopedia is presently distributed mainly by word of mouth by the CREATE Team members and through search engines that use their bots to collect information on Innopedia and fill their database. Using the appropriate keywords (e.g. “Innopedia Green” or “Innopedia Box” ) in a Google search will result in a direct result on Innopedia. Using the common word “create” is not discriminating enough for the search engine to find innopedia easily.

Hence, an effort towards making Innopedia more known by a wider community, an Innopedia Involvement Plan (this document) has to be prepared and agreed upon.

One of the main questions is how to create an incentive for people to contribute to innopedia. An approach discussed with the Commission and getting some positive support is creating a link with future Workprogrammes in FP7. In practise this would mean that for WP2011 the topics for “Pioneering the Future” would be based on the discussions going on in Innopedia. The feedback from the Commission is that Innopedia should not develop into a Proposal Preparation Tools, but instead could be providing one of the inputs for the WP agenda.
This approach and the possible role of Innopedia should be clearly communicated and not leave any doubts or options for misinterpretation.

Innopedia Involvement Plan
As part of the involvement plan we apply the W4-model that describes the: What, Who, hoW and When of the involvement.
The plan is available here.

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