Customer Satisfaction And Safety

Improving air transport safety and security means ensuring that irrespective of the growth of air traffic, there will be fewer accidents and aircraft will be more secure against hostile actions.

Under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), research will seek to attain quantum leap in passenger choice and schedule flexibility, while achieving a five-fold reduction in accident rate. New technologies will enable a wider choice of aircraft/ engine configurations ranging from very large, wide-body airliners, medium size craft, business jets, tilt-rotor aircraft to personal small-size vehicles with the highest levels of safety as well as comfort, health conditions and services. Research will include the adaptation of airport and air traffic operations to 24-hour utilisation ay acceptable community noise levels.

This theme relates to the ‘Highly Customer-Orientated High Level Target Concept’ of ACARE’s Strategic Research Agenda, in particular focusing on the safety objective.

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