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Video footage of some innovative UAV concepts:

Team Cortex UAV video:
This video shows a test flight of UK technology company Qinetiq’s Team Cortex unmanned air vehicle. The 3kg (6.6lb) UAV is a tail sitting fixed wing dual rotor design with a 1.5m wingspan that transitions to horizontal flight as it accelerates.

Fanwing video:
The FanWing experimental aircraft opens up a new area of aerodynamics Designs to establish a means of integral lift and thrust using a horizontal-axis wing rotor are recorded back as far as the late 19th century. Some of the experiments started to take off but did not sustain flight. The FanWing new blown-wing solution offers both basic proof of concept and a steady trajectory of improved and controlled flight performance. The Fanwing website can be visited here.

Maryland Uni flapping MAV video:

Middlesex University Team i-Spy video:

Robotic bird video (in Dutch):
Although bird strikes rarely cause fatalities or catastrophic mechanical failures, aviation experts consider them a growing problem that's not likely to go away on its own. A robotic bird was developed (by Robert Musters) that mimics a falcon. It is used to frighten away real bird at airports.

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