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SECOM has developed a six-wheeled surveillance robotrobot called Robot X that automatically patrols preprogrammed routes and can replace human guards. While patrolling, it not only records video, but can also automatically detect intruders, suspicious vehicles, theft and fire.

If an emergency is detected, the base station is notified wirelessly. After receiving the notification, the human guards can teleoperate the robot while receiving a real-time video feed. Secom's Robot X will either relay live spoken warnings from a security guard in a remote command post, or simply play a pre-recorded message. A smokescreen will confuse an intruder long enough for a human guard to get to the scene.

Robot X is made from reinforced plastic and is a metre high. Weighing 120 kilograms, it is no pushover. It travels at up to 10 kilometres per hour for up to 24 kilometres on a full battery charge.

Target markets for the robot include airports, ports and hazardous industrial sites, where the robot can either patrol on a pre-programmed route or be controlled over a WiFi link.

The robot will not be for sale. Secom plans to rent out the robots at about $ 3000 a month which is about half the cost of hiring a human security guard to do the same job.

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