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  1. Departure 2093 - 5 novel flight concepts by FinnAir
  2. Bauhaus Luftfahrt
    1. wikipedia
    2. home
    3. chipping
    4. co2-derived-materials
    5. electrical-and-chemo-electrical-devices-for-energy-storage
  3. ACARE
    1. ACARE SRA Navigator
    2. ACARE Taxonomy
  4. EU Transport Research
    1. Animated information
    2. Towards future air transport
  5. SESAR
    1. AERONET LIbrary
  7. Clean Sky
    1. EU webpage
  8. Innovation in Aeronautics (AIAA 2004)
  9. Aircraft Design Innovation: Creating an Environment for Creativity (IMechE 2007)
  10. Innovation in Flight (NASA SP-2005-4539)
  11. e-Business Market Watch - Aeronautics Industry (2005)
  12. NASA Ames Research Center: Sixty Five Years of Innovations
  13. Single European Sky
    1. news
    2. Single European Sky website
    3. Air Transport Facts
  14. Next Generation Air Transportation System - USA
    1. NextGen Defined
    2. FAA NextGen Implementation Plan 2009
  15. Flight International Blog adressing the question "What lies ahead for air travel innovation?"
  16. AeroPortal
  17. NASA's Aeronautics Reseach Program - Presented in January 2007
  18. Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Air Traffic Management Project - June 2006
  19. Technology roadmapping for the next generation manufacturing enterprise
  20. QinetiQ - iQ NewsNet - Categories
  21. FOR-LEARN - Future oriented thinking
  22. Aeronautics inventions - patent applications USPTO
  23. DARcorporation (aircraft design, prototyping)
  24. CAFE: Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency
  25. Assessment of Wingtip Modifications to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Air Force Aircraft
  26. Low cost vs. regular airlines - business model
  27. Nonplanar Wing Concepts for Increased Aircraft Efficiency
  28. The PrandtlPlane®
  29. Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)
  30. Flight Test Techniques Used to Evaluate Performance Benefits During Formation Flight
  31. NASA's One-man Electric flying vehicle (Puffin)
  32. Emerging Technologies and Industries - Strategy 2010-2013 - Technology Strategy Board (UK)
  33. Stanford's Perching UAV Lands On And Takes Off From Walls

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