Micro Team Insight


Students: P.M. Boon, P.K.M. Chan, N.F.B. Diepeveen, A.A.R. Helderweirt, B.R. Kuiper, E. Moerland, E.C.J.M. Scherders, R.S. van Staveren, S.J. Thus
Project tutor: ir. B. Bijnens
Coaches: dr. M.D. Bos-Pavel, ir. J. Yan

In life threatening situations, it is highly desirable to be able to explore terrains and buildings before entering them. Small rooms, narrow entrances and enemies are a few examples of the many challenges during such a mission. The perfect solution for this problem is using Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) to explore the buildings.
The objective of this design project was to design a vehicle, called Insight, capable of performing these tasks. The big challenge was competing in the MAV08 competition in India and acting as member of a MicroTeam. This team consists of a Grover which transports the vehicle to the building of interest, and RoboSwift, which functions as an eye-in-the-sky.
The biggest challenge for the design project was to meet the large amount of requirements, which followed from the customer, the competition and governmental regulations.
Based on the mission scenario, a Mission Need Statement was defined, which served as a guideline for the project and is formulated as follows: Take off from a ground vehicle, fly through a window, perform perch and stare and deliver live streaming video from within a room.
After ten weeks of intensive work, the team came up with the following design: a quadrotor concept capable of flying the mission. This summary gives some basic information on the design project for this quadrotor.

The paper of this project is available as a PDF-document here.

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