Ideas Merging

The Aim of Ideas Merging

Ideas Merging is an essential step between the creative activities that generate new ideas and concepts and the process of assessment that decides whether an idea is appropriate for incubation. It can happen informally, formally or in some mixture of ways but it will usually exist in some form. This is because the conceptual leap that constitutes most innovative ideas has in its early stages insufficient substance to allow for a proper assessment to take place. There would likely be many unanswered questions that the only sensible conclusion of such a premature assessment would be to decline funding for the idea.

So most (probably all) innovative concepts will require a period of intellectual development before they should be assessed. In the context of the CREATE project, assessment is considered as a formal process that decides whether to recommend an idea for incubation funding against clear and consistent criteria.

The purpose of Ideas Merging is to make the idea as easy and straightforward to understand as possible, and to enhance its appeal against the criteria of assessment by thinking through some of the issues and challenges that the concept will face if it were to be developed.

Examples of Ideas Merging

During the Creative Workshop in Duxford (21-23 June 2009) 138 more or less innovative ideas were recorded (Master Ideas Log).
The ideas have a short tiltle and a brief expansion note for clarification.
The ideas were screened by the team and a long list of 18 best ideas was derived as a basis for a choice of 5 demonstrator ideas that will be processed further in 5 seperate projects. These projects are:

  1. Ultrasound projector for bird strikes
  2. Multi-modal passenger containers
  3. Space Solar Power Satellites with Power Beaming to Aircraft
  4. Vortex energy recovery
  5. Flying Cars - Mobility without limits

Develop your own idea on Innopedia - Follow this link to our general introduction.

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