Delft Aerospace Design Projects 2007

The Design Synthesis Exercise forms the closing piece of the third year of the Bachelor degree course in aerospace engineering at TU Delft. Before the students progress to the first year of their Master degree course, in which they join one of the Faculty’s disciplinary groups in preparation for their final year MSc thesis project, they learn to apply their acquired knowledge from all aerospace disciplines in the design synthesis exercise.

The objective of this exercise is to improve the students’ design skills while working in teams with 8 to 10 of their fellow students for a continuous period of approximately 10 weeks with a course load of 400 hours. They apply knowledge acquired in the first years of the course; improve communication skills and work methodically according to a plan.

Despite the fact that the final designs result from a design process executed by small groups of students with limited experience, it may be concluded that the designs are of good quality. Not only the members of the scientific staff of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have expressed their appreciation for the results, but also the external experts and industry, which have supported the design projects.

The Design Synthesis Exercise 2007 is divided into 21 different design assignments. The list below presents a link to separate webpages where each project is described. For each project, the important design characteristics are covered, i.e.: problem introduction, design specification or list of requirements, conceptual designs, the trade-off to find the “best” design, a detailed design and finally conclusions and recommendations.

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