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The CREATE project

The CREating innovative Air transport Technologies for Europe (CREATE)-project has the objective to stimulate the development and the capture of know how and technologies which will enable step changes for sustainable Air Transport in the second half of the century.
It will design and implement a process to collect and assess creative and innovative ideas for the future of air transport.
The process will include a Technology Watch function by which relevant developments and technologies in other domains can be centrally identified. Novel ideas will be collected through a workshop and the voluntary stakeholder contributions via a WIKI type of website (Innopedia - this website).
Promising ideas will be incubated via a new mechanism on a European scale. New mechanisms will be defined and new opportunities for long term research will be designed with the objective to stimulate innovative, long term technology development.

The project will develop and implement 6 types of activities:

1. Technology Watch,
2. Idea Generating Workshop,
3. Merging of Ideas,
4. Assessment of Ideas,
5. Internet based aeronautics WIKI,
6. Incubation of Novel Ideas.

These activities will support and strengthen the European Air transport system's positioning as a customer oriented, sustainable and world leading sector. In a number of workshops the ACARE stakeholders as well as socio-economic experts will be involved to assure that the process will be fully aligned with the needs of the sector. The partners in the project are knowledgeable about the Air Transport sector and bring in their rich experience related to long term research processes. The CREATE project will provide guidance to the European commission to improve its Framework Programme and prepare the way for the next ACARE vision and Strategic Research Agenda.

CREATE is a project of the Seventh Framework Programme under Theme 7: Transport (including Aeronautics); selected in Call FP7-AAT-2007-RTD-1 which formally started in November 2008 (duration 24 months). A brief project description can found here while site statistics are also available.

Information on the background of the CREATE project is available on the Introduction page and the Out of the Box pages.

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