Clean Sky

The Clean Sky JTI1?

The Clean Sky JTI is a large research projects of the EC 7th Research Framework Programme, with a budget estimated at €1.6 billion for the period 2008 - 2013. This public-private partnership (PPP) will speed up technological breakthrough developments and shorten the time to market for new solutions.
Clean Sky encourages the participation of SMEs, offering opportunities to the entire aeronautic supply chain from all EU Member States and Associated countries.

Clean Sky and the environment

Speeding up new, greener design is essential to protect our environment. It should be kept in mind that aircraft have a 30-year service life, and that new aviation design takes more than a decade to develop. The accelerated research process that Clean Sky offers represents an unprecedented opportunity for rapid progress in the introduction of green technology into aviation.

Clean Sky will demonstrate and validate the technology breakthroughs that are necessary to make major steps towards the environmental goals sets by ACARE - Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe - the European Technology Platform for Aeronautics & Air Transport and to be reached in 2020:

  • 50 % reduction of CO2 emissions through drastic reduction of fuel consumption,
  • 80 % reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions,
  • 50 % reduction of external noise,
  • Green product life cycle: design, manufacturing, maintenance and disposal / recycling.

Clean Sky and the EU economy

Air transport is an important sector in the EU economy. Studies show that industry accounts for approx. 2.5% of GDP, creates (directly and indirectly) over 3 million jobs, and contributes in excess of €30 billion to a positive trade balance for Europe. Bases on projected growth, over the next twenty years, air transport could contribute an additional 1.8% of GDP to the EU.
The Stern review recently published in the UK has shown that the economic cost of inaction on the environment could be a reduction of global GDP by 20%. The report highlighted the need to support the development of a range of low carbon emission and high efficiency technologies on an urgent timescale.

Summary of Clean Sky

The Clean Sky JTI is made up of 6 Integrated Technology Demonstrators.

  • SMART Fixed Wing Aircraft will deliver active wing technologies and new aircraft configuration for breakthrough, news products.
  • Green Regional Aircraft will deliver low-weight aircraft using smart strutures, as well as low external noise configurations and the integration of technology developed in other ITDs, such as engines, energy management and new system architectures.
  • Green Rotorcraft will deliver innovative rotor blades and engine installation for noise reduction, lower airframe drag, integration of diesel engine technology and advanced electrical systems for elimination of noxious hydraulic fluids and fuel consumption reduction.
  • Sustainable and Green Engines will design and build five engine demonstrators to integrate technologies for low noise and lightweight low pressure systems, high efficiency, low NOx and low weight cores and novel configurations such as open rotors and intercoolers.
  • Systems for Green Operations will focus on all-electrical aircraft equipment and systems architectures, thermal management, capabilities for "green" trajectories and mission and improved ground operations to give any aircraft the capability to fully exploit the benefits of Single European Sky.
  • Eco-Design will focus on green design and production, withdrawal, and recycling of aircraft, by optimal use of raw materials and energies thus improving the environmental impact of the whole products life cycle and accelerating compliance with the REACH directive.

A simulation network called the Technology Evaluator will assess the performance of the technologies thus developed.


Clean Sky will run for 7 years as part of the European Commission's Seventh Research Framework Programme.


Benefits of Clean Sky

Clean Sky is expected to lead the earlier introduction of new, radically greener Air Transport products that will:

  • Accelerate the delivery of technologies for radically improving the environmental impact of air transport.
  • Increase the completitiveness of European industry, thus contributing to the Lisbon Strategy objectives.
  • Encourage the rest of the aviation world to make greener products.


The Members of Clean Sky represent 86 organisations in 16 countries, among which:

  • 54 industries, including 20 SMEs,
  • 15 Research Centres,
  • 17 Universities.

A significant part of the Clean Sky programme will be performed by Partners selected through Calls for Proposals and Subcontractors selected through Calls for Tender.

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