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Students: Delft University of Technology: F.T Pronk, M.H. van den Hoven, K.M. Myerschough,
I. van Dartel, J.J.A. de Jong, T.G. Eijgelshoven.
Queen’s University Belfast: D.P. Heatley, M. Mullan, R. McRoberts, R. Johnston, R. Canders, M. Duffy
Project tutor: dr. R. Curran (QUB) ir. G.N. Saunders (TU Delft)
Coaches: dr. J. Early, dr. R. Cooper (QUB) O.K. Bergsma, ir. P.C. Roling (TU Delft)

Carbon dioxide emissions are thought to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. Most western governments have made strict agreements on emission reductions in, for example, the Kyoto protocol or in EU treaties. Demand for air travel is predicted to increase over the coming decades; in order to meet carbon emission targets drastic steps must be taken by aircraft designers to produce a new generation of low emission craft. It is probable that sources of carbon dioxide emissions, especially non-essential sources such as recreational flight, will be heavily targeted by taxes. It is inevitable that the market for carbon neutral aircraft will open up as time passes by.
The brief is to design a new 4-seater aircraft which will provide general aviation users with an acceptable and affordable environmentally friendly alternative. This alternative aircraft must be suitable for flight training, Personal Pilot Licensing (PPL) and instrument rating, normal private use and it must have neutral carbon emissions and a restricted noise level. The design is primarily driven by environmental considerations. The mission need statement therefore becomes: Define a preliminary design, driven by environmental considerations, for a four-seater general aviation aircraft with a carbon neutral life cycle.

The paper of this project is available as a PDF-document here.

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