AERONET is a network consisting of 25 Partners from 9 countries.
Its goals is to foster reduction technologies for aircraft emissions. The partners and communities involved cover the whole aeronautics spectrum, i.e.:

  • Aeronautical Research Centres
  • Universities and research institutes,
  • Aero-engine industry,
  • Aircraft industry,
  • Fuel industry,
  • ATM R&D centres and SMEs,
  • Airports,
  • Airlines,
  • Regulatory bodies.

AERONET wants to contribute to an environemntally friendly air transport system. Its goals are:

  • Support communication in aeronautics community and with atmospheric scientists,
  • Facilitate exchange of information and experience,
  • Foster and support co-operation and joint actions,
  • Identify gaps and needs for research and development,
  • Support policy in the regulatory process and R&D programme,
  • Increase visibility and general awareness.

AERONET has a library that is available here.

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